Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Download application

The new switchboard application essentially replaces the CD that shipped with inline speedometer products in the past. If you haven’t already done so, download and install the new Inline Speedometer Calibrator Configuration Software Switchboard application from the following link.


Please note that some firewalls and\or anti-virus software may block or quarantine this installer package. If so, you will have to configure your firewall and\or anti0virus software to allow this file to be downloaded and saved to the PC.

Step 2: Program the In-Line Module

Run the Inline Speedometer Calibrator Configuration Software Switchboard application. The switchboard contains all of the necessary controls to run the Speedometer Configuration software as well as access all instruction manuals. Please note that all instruction manuals are stored online and will require internet access for viewing.

To run the Inline Speedometer Calibrator Configuration Software, simply click the switchboard’s Run Speedo Configuration Software button. The Speedometer Calibrator Configuration Software does require USB drivers to be installed on the target PC. Please click here for USB driver installation.

Step 3: Remove the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

Detailed instructions are available for all supported vehicles, Please select your vehicle from the list Here

Step 4: Unplug the cable from the IPC

CAREFULLY unplug the cable harness from the Instrument Panel Cluster. Do NOT wiggle the connecter from side to side, pull it straight out of the connector.

Step 5: Install the In-line Module

Connect the supplied harness in between the cable harness and the IPC as directed in the instructions for your vehicle. Slide it into place behind the IPC. Connector types and wiring configuration varies.

Step 6: Test the IPC

Start up the vehicle and make sure that the Instrument Panel Cluster responds, to make sure that the in-line module is properly installed

Step 7: Put the IPC back in it's place

Put the IPC back as described in the instructions for your vehicle